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Funniest Lifetime Adventure Of A Cat E-mail
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This photo of a cat sitting in its 'loaf' like position recently grabbed the attention of the internet, prompting people to start adding in their own doodles beneath him and the result is both hilarious and awesome.

People started adding in arms and legs, books as if the cat was reading, skateboarding and someone even turned the cat into a christmas turkey!. Who could have thought this much creativity could be sparked by such a random photo. The question is now, what adventure would you draw for him?

It all started like this...

Funniest Lifetime Adventure Of A Cat

The SEVEN Things That You Need To Hear Today E-mail
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The SEVEN Things That You Need To Hear Today

Are you feeling tired? Do you feel you are going nowhere? You already know what you have to do but sometimes you need to hear or be reminded of things and that is a human thing to do. So here are seven powerful quotes that we hope can change your perspective today and pushes you to SEIZE YOUR LIFE back.

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