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Alternative Version Of Wikipedia Tells It Like It Is E-mail
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Alternative Version Of Wikipedia Tells It Like It Is

Most of us are probably familiar with Wikipedia, the open-sourced online encyclopedia that is free to the public. Now, however, there's a sarcastic and hilarious spoof of the famous online encyclopedia called TL.DR Wikipedia that provides entries in a significantly shorter (and funnier) format.

Top Zen Gardens From Around The World E-mail
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There is a mystique surrounding these beautiful Japanese rock gardens, aka Zen gardens, that originated in the Japanese culture hundreds of years ago. Zen garden is an interesting and deeply spiritual aspect of Japanese gardening traditions. The typical Zen garden consists of an enclosed and shallow sand box of sorts which features predominantly sand or gravel with rocks of various shapes and sizes.These artistic gardens consist mainly of fine gravel or sand that is raked in various artistic patterns, and larger rocks which are strategically placed throughout the gravel bed. These gardens are symbolic of the Buddhist belief that one can achieve Zen, or enlightenment, through meditation and deep relaxation. Traditional Zen gardens are interpreted differently by each individual, and nobody knows for sure what their true meaning is. Many people believe that the gravel of the garden represents water, and the larger rocks represents land or islands in that water.

The one thing that we do know for sure is that these Japanese rock gardens are visually stunning. Some of the most historic rock gardens also function as extremely popular meditation sites for people from around the world. People claim to get a sense of relaxation, or enlightenment, at these gardens that they can't achieve anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, Zen gardens are becoming ever more popular in the Western World. Here's a some photos of some of the most beautiful, and historic, Japanese rock gardens from around the world.

Zuiho-in a sub-temple of Daitoku-ji . Located in Kyoto, Japan, Zuiho-in is one of the sub-temples of Daitoku-ji, which is one of the 14 branches of the Rinzai school of Japanese Zen. You can find multiple rock gardens at this temple including Zuiho-tei, and they are all world-renowned meditation sites. Visiting these 700 year old historical rock gardens is quite an enlighting experience according to those who have been there.

Top Zen Gardens From Around The World

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