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How Smartphones Are Ruining Our Lives E-mail
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How Smartphones Are Ruining Our Lives

In this series titled 'SUR-FAKE' French photographer Antoine Geiger photographs people using their smartphones for anything from selfies to just browsing social media or messaging someone and then photoshops the phone to look as if it's sucking in their face, essentially consuming who they are.

The end result is a striking photo that comments on how we are increasingly dependant on technology and the effect this is having on us, “It is placing the screen as an object of ‘mass subculture’, alienating the relation to our own body, and more generally to the physical world,” he writes here.

Whilst not everyone is totally dependant on their smartphone to get them through the day this series does raise some interesting questions about our relationship with technology. To see more of Geiger's work be sure to visit his website, Facebook page and Tumblr.

A Monkey Adopts A Cute Puppy E-mail
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After defending the puppy from other strays, this rhesus macaque monkey in Rode, India has left locals amazed by it's amazing compassion for it's newly adopted pup. In order to help the two out they left food for them and to everyone's surprise the monkey let the dog eat first.

Unusual animal pairings are something that happen more often than you think, but in this case the monkeys love for the puppy is clear for everyone to see. We could all learn a thing or two about relationships from their undying love for each other.

In Rode, India, a monkey has adopted a tiny puppy living on the street.

A Monkey Adopts A Cute Puppy

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