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3D Print Flower Bouquet is Incredible E-mail
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3D Print Flower Bouquet is Incredible

“Mazzo di Fiori” is an incredible 3D printed flower bouquet by artist and inventor Joshua Harker. The 3D printed floral sculpture is made from 1,918,416 triangles.

For the last 18 months Harker has been developing a new 3D printing technology to usher in the next generation of 3D printing in terms of quality, capability, cost, access and ease of use. Harker says it’s, “a completely new approach & not another FDM/RepRap or DLP project.”

Harker says beta software and prototype hardware results are sound but he’s already spent more than he can afford on development. In order to complete the research Harker has launched a Kickstarter campaign and is offering his 3D floral sculpture artworks in return for R&D support.

You can learn much more about the project and rewards on Kickstarter. Be sure to check out more of Harker’s incredible artwork on his website and Facebook page.

Natural Ways Of Keeping Those Ants Away E-mail
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Ants, by themselves, are pretty harmless. Unfortunately, they almost never travel alone, and an infestation of ants at your home can be a huge bother, not to mention having to throw away food. Then there are the poisons that can be harmful to small children or pets you may have, or are just unpleasant to be around.

Here are some natural ways to scare those ants away and prevent them from coming back using just natural, organic products most people keep at home or can easily get at the grocery store.

Cucumber / Citrus Peel

Natural Ways Of Keeping Those Ants Away

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