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A Powerful Message About Deforestation E-mail
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A Powerful Message About Deforestation

They might be shocking, but these gruesome ads really drive home the seriousness of deforestation by making the connection between destroying the forest and indirectly killing innocent wild animals. Deforestation is a big problem around the world, but these creative social ads were created by Kaushik Katty Roy who in partnership with Sanctuary Asia, one of the first environmental news magazines in India.

The slogan for the adverts further drives home the message of these powerful visuals stating that “When the wood go, wildlife goes”. Some might think these ads are over the top and ‘too much’ but remember this, it is thought that rainforests contain as much as 80% of the worlds biodiversity. The destruction of them in Asia and South America is a serious problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

Billboards Turned Into Tiny Shelter Houses For The Homeless E-mail
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Billboards Turned Into Tiny Shelter Houses For The Homeless

Innovative architectural design team from Slovakia came up with a brilliant idea how to transform roadside billboards into small apartments for the homeless. The two-room apartments would be built around the triangular shape of the billboard and feature a kitchen, an office space, a bed with some storage underneath, and even a bathroom.
DesignDevelop, the team behind this project, explain the idea on their website: “The Gregory project brings optimization to the construction of billboard structures. Such an object would need just a minimal maintenance cost which could be partially paid through the rental of its advert space”.
Although these are only digital visualizations of what the finished home would look like, we can see that the idea behind this is truly promising. The study of Gregory project is based toward Slovakia, because of the easy implementation thanks to the water and energy grids. However, with some adjustments it can possibly be applied anywhere.

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