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The Tallest Mountains On Earth E-mail
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There are only fourteen mountains on Earth that rise to over 8000 meters (26,250 feet), and to climb any of them represents one of the biggest challenges known to man. The 8000m mark is so coveted because it is above this height that climbers enter the 'Death Zone'; the point at which oxygen levels are not sufficient enough to sustain human life. Of course this small fact has not stopped people from attempting to climb these wondrous mountains in pursuit of fulfilled dreams, iconic landmarks and the spectacular views of the world below that these skyscraping peaks offer. Here are the 14 eight-thousanders, along with some fascinating information about the peaks, and man's attempts to climb them.

1. Mount Everest (or Sagamatha/Chomolungma) (Himalayas - Tibet/Nepal)

Height: 8848 meters (29,029 feet)
First Ascent: 1953

The Tallest Mountains On Earth

Everest is a world icon and comfortably the tallest mountain on the planet as of today. Climbing it was once the preserve of the most skilled and experienced mountaineers in the world, but capable and willing climbers can now hire guides and make an attempt on the summit. That does not mean the challenge should be taken lightly - many have perished on the mountain and decades-old corpses still line the route to the top. Nevertheless, climbing Everest is still seen as one of the most incredible acts of human endurance and appeals to many adventurous tourists who spend tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to reach their goal.

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Quotes On Growing Old E-mail
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Quotes On Growing Old

Life is not about how far you can go, how high you can jump, or how much weight you can carry. Life is about experience, friendship, family, and the memories they leave with us. Why is it, that so many people are afraid of old age when the years enrich us? This presentation is a lovely reminder that no matter how old you may be, you should always be full of life, even more than when you were young.

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