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These Animals Are Confused By Technology E-mail
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Pets are great! They make for good company, they give unconditional love, and they’re always happy to see us! That being said, our animal companions are sometimes completely bewildered by technology, with hilarious results…

Look! I caught the mouse!

These Animals Are Confused By Technology

The Amazing Beauty Of Minerals E-mail
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There are over 4,900 known mineral types in the world, each a unique chemical combination compressed and brought to perfection by the pressure in the Earth's crust. They come in an incredible variety of shapes and colors, with some of them even having some extraordinarily properties. Some have a taste, some are immune to acid and some are even radioactive! Regardless, they are all beautiful, stunning creations of nature that are just amazing to behold:

Opal growth rings on tree fossils

The Amazing Beauty Of Minerals

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