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Amazing Metallic Flower in Argentina E-mail
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Floralis Henerika or the Generic Flower in Latin, is one of the most brilliant and fascinating artistic monument, made of steel and aluminum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the heart of the Plaza Naciones Unidas of United Nations Square, in the 40-meter mirror pond, the Floralis Generica, a giant silver flower, has been a striking city landmark since it opened in 2002. The sculpture was created and paid for Sculptra Eduardo Catalano. this flower is being 23 metres high and weighing in at 18 tonnes. When the petals are open they span 32 metres and when closed only 16 metres. One of the fascinating features of this sculpture is that it acts like a real flower in that its gigantic petals are open during the day and then close for the night with a red glow emanating from within. Catalano once said that the flower "is a synthesis of all the flowers and is both a hope that is reborn every day to open."

Amazing Metallic Flower in Argentina

The Miracle Mosque In Iran E-mail
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The Miracle Mosque In Iran

The Nasir al-Mulk Masjid(Mosque), located in Shiraz, Iran, is truly an artistic master piece. Even more amazing than the intricate designs is what happens every morning when the rays of the rising sun hit the Masjid. Every morning as sunlight passes through the windows of the Masjid, the interior is transformed into an ocean of colours. This is something you have to see to believe.

Work on the masjid began in 1876 and took 12 years to complete. The designers were Muhammad Hasan-e-Memar and Muhammad Reza Kashi Paz-e-Shirazi.

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