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Adorable Photos Of Kangaroos And Wallabies E-mail
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Australia’s most famous animal is, undoubtedly, the kangaroo! It is the symbol of the country’s air-force, it is featured on the country’s coat of arms as well as its coins. Both kangaroos and wallabies are marsupial herbivores; They have powerful hind-legs, allowing them to jump with speed and agility, and, like most marsupials – kangaroo and wallaby females have pouches in which their young (known as “Joeys”) complete their gestation.

They're also very affectionate.

Adorable Photos Of Kangaroos And Wallabies

7 Most Fascinating And Powerful Materials Science Has Come Up With E-mail
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We often hear of new technological improvements - robots, gadgets, phones, vehicles, medicine and more.
But these are just part of the picture of scientific achievement. No less important is the field of chemical engineering, which has invented some amazing materials in recent years, materials that may forever change our lives.
These are 7 of the most fascinating and powerful materials science has come up with in recent years.

1. Aerogel

7 Most Fascinating And Powerful Materials Science Has Come Up With

Aerogel is the proud holder of 15 mentions in the Guinness Book of Records, which is more than any material has ever had.
Also known as the 'frozen smoke', a nickname resulting looking like solid smoke, aerogel is actually 99.8% empty space, which explains its semi-transparent look. This material is a terrific insulator.
With a shield made from aerogel, you could challenge any flamethrower without danger - it will take it without you feeling a thing. It does the same with cold. With enough of it, you could build a comfortable house on the moon.
Another amazing factoid - an inch of aerogel could have an internal structure so complex that an inch long piece could have a surface area as long as football field.

Last Updated ( Monday, 14 July 2014 )
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