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An Island Of Cats In Japan E-mail
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Aoshima is a Japanese island that is home to hundreds of cats. Cats were originally imported to the islands to deal with mice that were eating the fishing nets post World War II. There used to be 900 people on the island but now there are only 17 people and the cats have become a tourist attraction.

An Island Of Cats In Japan

It Happens Only In Australia E-mail
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It Happens Only In Australia

Australians are known to be pretty laid back people, which is surprising considering their wild life contains thousands of ways for them to get poisoned, eaten or injured. Still, they maintain their happy-go-lucky ways despite this fact, and even have a good sense of humor about it. There's no doubt Australia is a unique place, and so travelers to Australia, especially the outback, should be aware they might run into the following scenes...

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