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Mind Bending Transformation Of City Landscapes E-mail
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Self-taught digital artist Victor Enrich uses his skill in photography and 3D rendering in order to transform ordinary landscapes into mind bending cityscapes that defy the laws of physics and reality.

Most of Enrich's work focuses around the city, a landscapes which is used to constant changes as buildings are created and also torn down to make way for new ones. Using this theme of constant change he presents to us an alternative dream like world in which building don't just transform, they do the impossible.

He describes his work as a "mixed media of Real Life Architecture Photography and advanced Computer graphic techniques." You can see more of Enrich's work on his Facebook page and blog.

Mind Bending Transformation Of City Landscapes

Stunning Architecture Rings Of Your Beloved Cities E-mail
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Imagine moving your family to a new city every few years. This is what Siberian goldsmith Ola Shekhtman does on a regular basis in order to familiarize herself with a new urban center. Trained in St. Petersburg, she takes the iconic elements of cities like London, Paris, and New York, and turns them into beautiful rings.

While she was training, Shekhtman did everything by hand, in the manner of the old masters. This means that she melted the metal she uses herself, then rolled it, sawed it, and soldered it into its desired shape. Now that Shekhtman lives in the US, she’s switched over to 3D printing!

More info:| Facebook | Instagram

Stunning Architecture Rings Of Your Beloved Cities

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