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Double Rainbow Shines Above Eiffel E-mail
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Double Rainbow Shines Above ‪‎Eiffel

That's quite an Eiffel! Double rainbow shines above ‪‎Paris‬'s most famous landmark.

These pictures of rainbows over the ‪‎Eiffel Tower‬ were taken by an observant photographerBertrand Kulikm, who spotted the colourful display from his living room window.

Kulikm said: 'From my Parisian window I have the chance to see some great atmospheric phenomenons.
'I am always waiting for a chance to catch these rare moments.
'Rainbows are amazing, but not so easy to catch on camera because even with a great view they disappear for the most part after a few minutes - that's why it's important to be fast.

'I had less than five minutes to catch these pictures - I knew it would be a good day as the weather was really tormented, and I had prepared my camera by the window so it was ready to go."

A Photographer Spent 3 Years Travelling Around The World To Catch The Sun E-mail
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Iím a French landscape photographer travelling the world since a bit more than 3 years. I decided to explore the world and visit many countries with the main goal, capturing landscapes and cityscapes the way I love the most, by including the sun directly in the frame.
Put your sunglasses and letís enjoy a sunrise together.

Provence, France

A Photographer Spent 3 Years Travelling Around The World To Catch The Sun

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