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Wonderful Aero Photographing E-mail
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Wonderful Aero Photographing

Aerophotographing - DevidsonaCameron Cameron Davidson, of Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Thirty years ago, was the winner in the "aerial photograph" from National Geographic. His photographs are regularly published in dozens of well-known publications. He's shot for five published books, and, as stated by the author, and two more on the way....

These Cute Criminals Could Get Away With Anything E-mail
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These Cute Criminals Could Get Away With Anything

ďSheís so cute she could get away with murder.Ē

Weíve all heard some variation on this phrase before, though itís (hopefully!) never meant literally. These cute criminals, however, have such intense puppy dog eyes that they might actually be able to get away with murder Ė or at least petty crime. Donít try to tell me you havenít tried to talk your way out of a speeding ticket before!

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