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Thrilling Mountain Ride At Handeck Bridge, Switzerland E-mail
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Thrilling Mountain Ride At Handeck Bridge, Switzerland

This Thrilling Mountain Ride is a Swiss Landmark Located 200 meters (645 feet) above sea level and running a distance of 5km (3.1 miles) Gelmer Funicular Handeck Bridge is one of the most exciting rides in Europe.

Record Breaking Daring Freedivers E-mail
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Take a deep breath: Record-breaking freediver swims 121 metres below the water WITHOUT air

Divers at the 2012 freediving world cup in the Bahamas probably had other things on their minds than taking in the beautiful scenery of the picturesque bay.

The competitors took their lives in to their own hands as they dived without air, with some reaching depths of more than 100 metres in the contest.

New Zealand competitor William Trubridge broke a national record as he completed a dive to 121m (under constant weight) in Deanís Blue Hole on Long Island, in the Bahamas.

Record Breaking Daring FreediverS

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