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Vanish Roller Coaster In Yokohama, Japan E-mail
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The Vanish Roller Coaster in Japan's, One of the world’s coolest roller coasters is in Cosmo Land Amusement Park, Yokohama, Japan and it is not just any ordinary one; it is an underwater roller coaster. On its journey, this roller coaster enters into an underwater tunnel. If you've you ever gazed in amazement at how birds dive down into the water and then gracefully emerge within a mere moment, then you have got to check out the Vanish roller coaster. The ride opened in 1999 and is a thrilling experience that goes on for 2 minutes on a track that is 744 m long and reaches 35 m at one point. Looking for some excitement unheard of on roller coasters? The ride on Vanish is worth the experience!

Vanish Roller Coaster In Yokohama, Japan

This ride is definitely not for those who are faint at heart. It appears as if the underwater roller coaster is taking a plunge into the water with water splashing around upon the diving impact. If buildings can rise then roller coasters can go underwater too! Based on this principle, the creation is an almost incredible one where one can but long to sit on the seat and take the thrilling ride. The underwater roller coaster is in a park which is an attraction in itself and is located in MinatoMirai, Yokohama Bay area. The park Cosmoland contains 32 attractions including the underwater roller coaster Vanish. There is a Ferris Wheel, a Cliff Drop ride that would make you scream and a Spinning Coaster amongst many others. There is also a chance to practice shooting and show off your skills to the Japanese who are very particular about their’s! When at Cosmoland Amusement Park, don’t forget to visit the House of Terror which happens to be a haunted house intended to give you goosebumps. For kids and fun loving elders there is a carnival street and kids area that also contains rides like Safari Pets, LED and Merry-go-Round; which are meant to liven up the moods with their colors and make.

Maverick Surfers On Monster Waves E-mail
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Maverick surfers dare to take on 40ft monster waves as perfect conditions roll in for Half Moon Bay contest so perilous that only the best are invited to take to the water

They have traveled the world for the chance to ride the monster waves that roll into a California bay some winters - and the world's best surfers weren't left disappointed on Friday.
Forecasters had predicted that weather and swell conditions could create wave faces of more than 40ft, giving competitors just 48 hours' notice that the contest was on.
The Half Moon Bay event, near San Francisco, is famed for its monster waves, and conditions are so perilous that only 24 world-renowned surfers were invited to take part.

Swell: Peter Mell, who won last year's event, catches a wave in the first round of the Mavericks Invitational surf competition

Maverick Surfers On Monster Waves

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