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Dances With The Helicopters E-mail
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Dances With The Helicopters

Walking A Slackline Between Two Running Trucks E-mail
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How's that for balance?

U.S. woman becomes first person to walk a slackline between two trucks driving at full speed

Faith Dickey, 23, completes stunt with seconds to spare before tunnel

Walking along a tightrope would be terrifying enough for most people.

Add two speeding trucks at either end of the cable and the feat suddenly seems more like an impossible scene from a Hollywood blockbuster.

But for one young woman it provided the perfect adrenaline-inducing stunt to show off her impressive highlining skills.

American slackliner Faith Dickey, 23, became the first person to perform such a death-defying exploit on an unopened stretch of a new motorway in Croatia, with no oncoming traffic.

Walking A Slackline Between Two Running Trucks

Death-defying: U.S. stunt woman Faith Dickey, 23, risks her life as she becomes the first person to cross a high wire between two moving trucks
Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 February 2013 )
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