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Daredevil Rope Free-Climber Spiderman E-mail
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Don't let go! Heart-stopping moment 'Spiderman' free-climber dangles over 500ft cliff with no ropes

This is the heart-in-mouth moment a daredevil climber dangles over the edge of a 500ft cliff without any ropes.

Mich Kemeter is a world expert at free solo climbing, a discipline where participants forgo essential safety equipment in search of that extra adrenaline rush.

The 23-year-old was pictured in the Verdon National Park, France, by mountain adventure photographer Alexandre Buisse, who takes extra care not to put him off in case he falls to his death.

Daredevil Rope Free-Climber Spiderman

Newfangled dangle: Free-climber Mich Kemeter hangs over the edge of a 500ft cliff in the Verdon National Park, France, by the tips of his fingers without any ropes
The Daring Cliff Hangers E-mail
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The Daring Cliff Hangers

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