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The Warka Towers - Water Out Of Air E-mail
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One of the biggest problems still haunting the poor regions of the world is the lack of clean drinking water. This is such a necessity that we take for granted, but many populations do not. Now, a new solution has arisen, one that is both simple and very promising.

Places like the Namib desert in Southern Africa rarely see rain. However, fog is common, and so there is actually moisture in the air, but not water. Some animals, like the desert beetle, survive by condensing water on its back until drops roll down into its mouth. Once again, man has learned from nature, and so this principle has been adopted and magnified to an enormous scale, and we've began seeing a possible solution for the desperate lack of water in the dry regions of the world.

The Warka Towers - Water Out Of Air

The Worlds Tallest Statues E-mail
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Statues are built as celebrations of gods, historical events and important personalities. The tallest try reach the sky and make you take notice of what they are commemorating. They are also works of art, and can take years to build. Here are some of the grandest ones ever built.

Statue of Liberty, USA

The Worlds Tallest Statues

The Statue of Liberty is the shortest statue on this list at just 151 feet tall; however she gains height because the statue rests on a 154 foot pedestal. The statue depicts the Roman goddess of freedom Libertas and was a gift to the United States from France in 1886.

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