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Giant Bookshelf of Kansas City Library, USA E-mail
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One of the most unusual and fascinating example of modern architecture can be seen in Kansas City USA, and it is not just another skyscraper not billionaire villa but a facade garage Public Library Central Branch. We are just talking about the exterior of this Library, coz of its very extraordinary looks. The wall parking has been designed so as to be similar to the number of giant books lined up a shelf. Book spines, the size of which is about 22 feet high and 9 feet wide, made by Mylar (the material of which make advertising sings boards.) On the "Shelf" features 22 book volume, A unique structure that is a pleasure even for those who do not like to read books and dont like BOOKS. It is impossible to pass by without stopping to admire the unusual architectural solution. Approximately $50 million was spent on the project.

Giant Bookshelf of Kansas City Library, USA

The library its was opened over 100 year ago (in 1873) and it was located somewhere else. Its change its address several times and in 2006 the library was build the garage behind the " books" in response to need for additional downtown Parking. With such an extraordinary design, the creators were intended to attract new readers to the library walls, fans of literature, as well as tourists on the streets. The building became incredibly popular, which adorn the world famous authors and their works. Today its is a modern library in the arsenal which 2.5 million books and more than 2.4 million customers per year, which pleases the eye with resident and visitors alike. It is also worth mentioning that its unique design inspired may residents remember what library and its values. Public Library Kansas City has ten branches, but the main is the largest and has the special looks.

Henderson Waves Bridge In Singapore E-mail
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Many beautiful and unique buildings that attract tourists all around the world but this amazing bridge "Henderson Waves" which resembles a snake with its long body obvivshuy branch. This bridge is the highest bridge in Singapore. Bridge " henderson Waves" was designed and developed in 2005 by the London "IJP" together with Singapore architectural firm " RSP Architects Planners" and engineer with " Ingenieros PTE Lts", its construction began in 2006 and ended in 2008. It is based on the framework of a characteristic curved bridge wave of steel ribs that alternately rising above the bridge dek. The bridge is designed to combine together two urban park Maun Faber (Mount Faber Park) and telik Blanga Hill Park (Telok Blangah Hill Park).All this iron frame planed with yellow Balau forest that grows in Southeast Asia, this tree can tolerate very diverse climate as moisture and heat, which is very well suited for such a structure. All this undulating metalloderveyannaya bridge design "Henderson Waves" in length 294 meters stand at a height of 36 meters above the highway Henderson standing on high concrete poles, being thus, the highest bridge in Singapore.

Henderson Waves Bridge In Singapore

Bends bridge " Henderson Waves" in the form of waves, which has seven pieces serve as niches and are located in chairs and benches where people can sit and admire the wonderful views that is really impressive, even with such a great height. "Waves" are the same and the roof, protecting vacationers from wind and sun, beside creating a cozy atmosphere.

The bridge " Henderson Waves Bridge" offer magnificent view of the beautiful parks, the harbor and the whole of Singapore, so here for a walk and come to rest both tourists and locals here on weekends and holidays, a lot of families with children, and just young couples. Can often be found here newlyweds who are photographed on a back ground a beautiful horizon. But if you want to spend more alone in this beautiful place, it is better to come in the morning or vacationers visiting tourists who decided to visit hi in Singapore. First Image by Flickr user Joeel Lee

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