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The Spaceport America In New Mexico E-mail
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Spaceport America, dubbed as the first spaceport in the world, looks like a gigantic moth, its rounded wings outspread against the arid, reddish-brown dirt of southern New Mexico. The view from east reveals a curved, pitched glass facade, soaring steel hanger doors and a white-on-white interior. The lofty architecture encapsulates the equally lofty dream of this complex – to serve as the launch-pad for commercial spaceflight and the dawn of second space age.

The $209 million project has attracted worldwide attention because of its bold premise, stunning architecture and the fact that it is home to the world’s first commercial passenger spaceline company, Virgin Galactic which has signed a 20-year lease and has already launched 12 suborbital flights from the spaceport as of August 2012.

The Spaceport America In New Mexico

Amazing Pedestrian Bridge In Sarajevo E-mail
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Amazing Pedestrian Bridge In Sarajevo

Adnan Alagic, Amila Hrustic and Bojan Kanlic are the names of three young designers who have designed the new pedestrian bridge over the Miljacka River in Sarajevo. The basic idea of the bridge is the union of the secular and spiritual and to establish a balance between left and right side. The Festina Lente (lat. hurry slowly) is the result of a 2007 competition. Crossing the bridge is a unique experience because of it’s specific layout and views that we encounter when going through the gate (closed part of the bridge) preparing us to enter into another dimension, and awakes spirituality.

Last Updated ( Monday, 31 December 2012 )
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