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Amazing Vieux Port Pavilion E-mail
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Foster + Partner’s re-imagining of the World Heritage-listed harbour at Marseilles, France has been officially unveiled. Opened by the President of Marseille Provence Métropole, Eugène Caselli, and the Mayor of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gaudin on 2 March, the new Vieux Port events pavilion has been built to celebrate the French city’s year as the European Capital of Culture.

Constructed using highly reflective stainless steel and supported by slim pillars, the new events pavilion is a simple canopy which measures 46m by 22m, and is completely open on all sides. The polished, mirrored surface of the pavilion reflects the views of the historic port and has been designed to taper towards the edges in order to reduce the structure’s visual impact.

Amazing Vieux Port Pavilion

Lord Foster said of the design: “I know the harbour at Marseille well and it is a truly grand space. This project is a great opportunity to enhance it using very simple means, to improve it with a large pavilion for events, for markets, for special occasions. Our approach has been to work with the climate, to create shade, but at the same time to respect the space of the harbour - just making it better.”

As part of the scheme, the boat houses and technical installations located alongside the quays have been relocated to new platforms and clubhouses over the water. Another feature of the project has been the enlargement of the pedestrian area around the harbour and the removal of kerbs and level changes, which the designers say will reduce the traffic over the coming years and provide 'a safe, pedestrianised environment that extends to the water’s edge'.

Spencer de Grey, Head of Design at Foster + Partners, added: “Our aim has been to make the Vieux Port accessible to all - the project is an invitation to the people of Marseille to enjoy and use this grand space for events, markets and celebrations once again. The new pavilion is quite literally a reflection of its surroundings - its lightweight steel structure is a minimal intervention and appears as a simple silver line on the horizon, but it brings a new focus, provides basic shelter and creates a venue for performances during this very important year for the city.”

The Agora Tower In Taipei, Taiwan E-mail
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The Agora Tower In Taipei, Taiwan

On the last and biggest parcel of land available for residential use in taipei city, vincent callebaut 's twisting, foliage-filled 'agora tower' will preside over the rest of the urban xinyin district. the architect, known for his distinct eco-vision, has designed a high-density space that aims at limiting the ecologic footprint of its inhabitants by forging a symbiotic relationship between the urban dweller and nature. tall planted balconies of suspended orchards, organic vegetable gardens and and medicinal greenery will take root in the high-performance building. in true cradle-to-cradle fashion, even the construction process transforms itself; industrial waste will be returned as a 'technical nutrient' to be indefinitely recycled. the helicoidal towers appropriate their form from the structure of DNA, conceptually speaking to the building blocks of life, as well as dynamism and twinning. four types of housing units form a full level allowing their twisting forms to optimize space for open-air hanging gardens. the angled apartments additionally offer exceptional views of the bustling city by multiplying the transversal views of the overall east-west rhomboidal pyramid. corbelled floors provide structure and privacy.

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