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The Imperial Architecture Of Russia E-mail
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The Imperial Architecture Of Russia

01. Grand Park Towers, Moscow

The famous photographer based in Berlin, Germany Frank Herfort made a series of photography images dedicated to the post-Soviet architecture. He traveled all over Russia for one reason to find the architecture of the post-Soviet era. These massive colourful structures, often decked out in flashy materials and questionable color schemes, have cropped up in the region's growing cities. The buildings collection of skyscrapers, office towers, and residential high rises seem to adhere to the blanket promise of capitalist and enterprising Russia. After five years’ of Frank's work, 7,000 miles traveled, 20 cities visited, and 150 buildings photographed, He is ready to release the resulting book, Imperial Pomp Post-Soviet Highrise in April 2013.

Underground Metro Station in Stockholm, Sweden E-mail
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Stockholm Metro’s Spectacular Underground Art

For the admission price of one metro ticket, tens of thousands of Stockholm’s commuters can gain access to what is likely the world’s biggest (and longest) art exhibition. Within the capital city’s cavernous 68-mile underground train hub, 90 of the 100 stations are fantastically adorned with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, engravings, and various other works by over 150 artists.

Underground Metro Station in Stockholm, Sweden

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