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Projection Mapping Contemporary Art Over Chapel E-mail
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Well known for his stunning projection mapping installations, more of which you can see here, artist Miguel Chevalier's latest creation transforms 16th-century architecture of Kingís College Chapel into stunning works of contemporary art. The installation is part of a fund raising event involving the University of Cambridge.

Aside from being totally immersive and mesmerising to look at Chevalierís projections also had a purpose to accompany speeches at the event given by renowned university professors on subjects such as health, physics, biology and even a speech from professor Stephen Hawking's on his research into black holes, during which the entire Chapel ceiling turned into a network of stars resembling the cosmos. Check it out in the photos and video below. You can see more of Chevalierís work on Facebook and Instagram.

Projection Mapping Contemporary Art Over Chapel

Last Updated ( Friday, 27 November 2015 )
Flower Blooms Created With Insect Wings E-mail
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In this beautifully creative series titled Mimesis Paris-based photographer Seb Janiak combines photos of insect wings together to create this illusion that they are blooming flowers. Janiak is fascinated by the way in which small insects and animals adapt their colour and textures in order to blend into their surroundings.

In order to create these photo-mashups of different insect wings Janiak visits old antique stores in search of old examples of taxidermy. Once he finds suitable pieces he photographs them at an extremely high resolution before using digital editing software to arrange them into a montage that resembles the budding petals of a flower. You can see more of Janiak's work here.

Flower Blooms Created With Insect Wings

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