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Coloring Ants By Lorraine Loots E-mail
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The South African artist Lorraine Loots began painting these miniatures in early 2013 with the idea of making small drawings 365 for each day of the year under the name " 365 Paintings for Ants ". It was thus no matter the subject or the way drew every day of the year for an incredible collection of small paintings that turned into a show. But this project was not enough because immediately Lorraine began the second part called " 365 Postcards for Ants "where this time draws miniature landscapes, animals and details of Cape Town, where she lives.

Coloring Ants By Lorraine Loots

Coloring Ants by Lorraine Loots

Beauty Of San Francisco As Seen From The Reflection E-mail
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The photographer Angela May Chen , a part of The Bold Italic a blog that celebrates the city of San Francisco, wanted to portray this city from puddles formed on the streets. To achieve these images Angela was devoted to roam the streets looking for puddles of water after each rain, to portray the world from a single pool of water, the interesting project is like she is a visual interest between the sidewalk and water street, to give a second look at the city, finding beauty that people overlook the city and shows us the reflections from the water.

Beauty Of San Francisco As Seen From The Reflection

San Francisco from the Reflection

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