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Photographer Turns Mundane Into Magical E-mail
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Jakkree Thampitakkul, a photographer working in the Thailand region, takes the mundane lives of the farmers and fishermen in the region and transforms their daily tasks into spectacular works of art. With a click of a button, he turns picking rice, catching fish or plowing into the most magical images I have seen.

Photographer Turns Mundane Into Magical

Harmless Weapons Made From Plants E-mail
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In her series entitled Harm Less, artist Sonia Rentsch creatively assembles a variety of plant parts into various handguns and bullets.

A 2002 graduate of industrial design from RMIT university (Australia), Rentsch has worked for a diverse range of clients including the L’oréal Melbourne fashion festival, the Sddeutsche Zeitung (Germany) & Christian Dior (UK). More recently she worked for the creative house Moth Design (Melbourne), before a rendezvous in berlin where she transitioned to film & still life set design with Sarah Illenberger and Sarah Horton.

Harmless Weapons Made From Plants

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