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Creative Flower Pots Look Like Spilled Paint E-mail
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Creative Flower Pots Look Like Spilled Paint

Many already consider flowers to be a refreshing splash of color in their backyard or garden, so why not strengthen the impression by making them literally seem like a dash of spilled paint? These creative garden designs will show you how you can make flowers look like spilled streams and mounds of liquid color!

There's no one right or wrong way to make your spilled-pot garden, but one thing most guides agree on is that you should bury about half of the pot in the ground. This, of course, makes spilled-pot planters a great way to recycled old or broken pots (If you want more ideas for how to use old pots, check out our list of broken-pot planters)! The rest is easy choose your plants and plant them in the location and design of your choice!

Recycle Your Old Furniture Into A Fairytale Garden E-mail
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Just because a piece of furniture has outlived its use in your home doesn't mean it's no longer useful! With the right attitude and a mind for DIY projects and recycling, old pieces of furniture can find a second life as beautiful garden decorations!
Garden design is tons of fun because it lets you get very creative with materials that you might not be able to use at home, like live plants or rocks. Check out these cool ideas for pebble paths and broken pot fairy gardens, too!

#1 Piano Garden

Recycle Your Old Furniture Into A Fairytale Garden

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