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Adorable Premature Twins Holding Hands Take Internet By Storm E-mail
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On January 4, Anthea Jackson-Rushford from Melbourne, Australia, gave birth to two premature twins. The tiny babies melted everyone’s hearts by holding hands on their father’s chest in a viral video that has nearly 10 million views. “It’s like he’s going…’I’ve got you’,” the new parents said.

The twins, Kristiana and Kristian, who were born just 28 weeks and 1 day old, weighed only under a kilo each. The mom wrote on Facebook that her “two little cherubs” are doing fine. “To all parents that face this, be comforted in knowing that today anything is possible and your babies will be just fine.”

“It’s like he’s going… ‘I’ve got you’,” said the new parents

Adorable Premature Twins Holding Hands Take Internet By Storm

Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 February 2016 )
Pet Duck Protects This Little Boy E-mail
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Since Beaker the duck, or Bee, joined the Young family when he was just a little duckling, he became best friends with his little human Tyler. They’re so close that Tyler’s first word was even “duck”!

The Texas household has 11 ducks. “When Tyler was about 9 months old my husband was buying duck food and saw Beaker,” explained Jennifer. “He brought him home and from that day forward he hasn’t left Tyler’s side. If he cries, Bee quacks and runs to him.”

“Bee steals snacks when Tyler isn’t looking, they play outside together, go to the park together, enjoy wagon rides together, and Bee is always supervising bath time,” the mom added. “I never pictured myself having a pet duck that lives inside. But it’s amazing to see these two in action.”

More info: Facebook

“When Tyler was 9 months old my husband…brought him home and from that day he hasn’t left Tyler’s side”

Pet Duck Protects This Little Boy

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