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Girl Wears Cute Eyepatch Designed By Dad E-mail
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Girl Wears Cute Eyepatch Designed By Dad

According to her father, Layla was born with a small cataract that clouds the vision in her right eye. In order to help the injured eye develop correctly, she has to wear the patch over her strong eye for 2 hours everyday. The patching at this early age prevents ambylopia or the lazy eye disorder, where the vision in one eye does not fully develop during childhood.

As her father comments, Layla gets irritated quite easily while wearing the eyepatch, so itís not that easy how it may look.

We can just hope that this little girlís eye will get better soon. Kudos to her dad for finding an awesome way to make his daughter feel better.

When Cute Baby Photos Go Horribly Wrong E-mail
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Everyones been there, you see a cool picture online and think to yourself how hard can it be. The answer is normally a lot harder than it looks. Pinterest is probably the number one offender for inspiring people, and baby photos are clearly no exception. Here are 19 cute baby photos that went horribly wrong.

1. Baby ended up with cake in his eyes.

When Cute Baby Photos Go Horribly Wrong

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