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Babies Can Differentiate Between Friends And Foes E-mail
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Babies Can Differentiate Between Friends And Foes

Your newborn can pretty well identify who is his/her friend or foe even before he/she acquires language skills or get matured enough to be able to make the distinction.

According to a new study on infant cognition by University of Chicago, even nine-month-old infants can engage in reasoning about whether the people they observe are friends or foes.

“This is some of the first evidence that young infants are tracking other people’s social relationships,” said Amanda L. Woodward, the William S. Gray Professor of Psychology and co-author of the study.

Two Year Old Shepherd Boy E-mail
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Britain's littlest shepherd, aged two, a lamb called Twinkle - and a bond between boy and sheep that will melt your heart

Arthur Jones, two, looks after his own six-strong herd on Dorset farm
Arthur, who has cerebral palsy, walks thanks to his sheep Twinkle
He is Britain's youngest shepherd and has won several prizes

Boxing Day morning is traditionally a time for long sleeps and leisurely breakfasts. But while most of Britain takes it easy after yesterday’s festivities, little Arthur Jones will be out in the Dorset countryside mending fences.
Many winter mornings have seen him out in the fields, hammering tacks into a post, wearing his favourite tweed cap.
He also feeds the sheep, rattling a tiny pail containing a handful of pellets. ‘Come on Twinkle!’ he calls to a ewe with a dense white fleece and a calm demeanour, who dutifully trots across to him.

Two Year Old Shepherd Boy

Cuteness overload: Arthur Jones, two-and-a-half, with his lamb Twinkle and his miniature crook
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