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A Rear View Mirror Cam For Your Bike E-mail
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A Rear View Mirror Cam For Your Bike

Well now, this is just what was missing in our lives. A rear view camera for your bike. Just strap the camera firmly under the seat and attach the display to the handlebars. Kind of looks like a GPS navigation system, but in reality you get a view of what’s behind you. Yep, it replaces those silly bicycle rearview mirrors, but you might still want to turn your head and get a good look in critical situations. The Owl 360 retails for $200. Cool gizmo or total nonsense

Scrooser - The Electric Scooter E-mail
(9 votes)
Scrooser - The Electric Scooter

I fell in love with the Scrooser at first sight. The Scrooser’s a cool scooter with electric motor and big fat tires. Its proportions make it look more like a child’s scooter, yet it’s big enough for adults. Which is what probably accounts for its charm – cruising through the city nice and relaxed, with the electric motor keeping you from getting tired out on longer jaunts. For those of you in the mood to treat yourself to one, you can still pre-order at Kickstarter. You’ll also find more info and a video there. Price tag: $4850 (€3689).

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