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Presenting The Worlds Fastest Electric Vehicles E-mail
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Presenting The Worlds Fastest Electric Vehicles

We're fans of all things cutting edge, and that most certainly includes the gadgets that get you from A to B. In the world of vehicles, the newest and freshest offerings are all electric.

New products from Tesla Motors, Elon Musk's Silicon Valley-based electric vehicle company, are always a hit. But Tesla's not the only company producing super speedy high-tech vehicles; in fact, cars are just the tip of the electric-vehicle iceberg.

Take, for example, the JR-Maglev MLX01, an experimental magnetic levitation train developed in Japan. It uses magnets to move and stay on track, and is capable of topping 360 mph. Meanwhile, France's Train a Grande Vitesse uses old-fashioned wheels, but also runs on electricity, and has traveled as fast as 357 mph.

The spiffy looking Tesla Roadster Sport can hit 125 mph, but that doesn't even place it in the top two of fastest electric cars. A pair of electric motorcycles - the Lawless OCC Rocket Bike and Mission R - would also dust it in a drag race. The Roadster Sport, however, has them all beat on looks.

The infographic below, which comes courtesy of the British website, gives us a rundown of all the world's fastest electric vehicles. Tesla is represented there, along with the aforementioned “superbikes” and high-speed trains, but there are a few funky-looking suprises as well. Check out the full infographic for more; then let us know in the comments: Which futuristic vehicle would you most like to take for a spin?

The Futuristic Self Driving Car From Mercedez Benz E-mail
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The Futuristic Self Driving Car From Mercedez Benz

The fact that self driving cars are set to become pretty common within the next decade or so is nothing new, but that didn’t stop onlookers at CES 2015 being amazed by this self driving car concept from Mercedes-Benz. Called the F 105, this concept car takes futuristic to another level of cool.

Although we understand that concept cars and the cars that actually make it to the production line often look a lot different we really hope that they follow through with this design. Inside there are four rather comfy looking seats that face each other or turn to face the front, presumably designed for when you are transporting people you hate. The windows are even the same colour as the rest of the body, making it look a lot like a pod. The dashboard also appears to be one giant digital display, much like the design of a Tesla but taken that little bit further.

Notice the steering wheel still comes with the car though, suggesting you could possibly take manual control which will please many who actually enjoy driving.

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