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Invisible Toyota Prius E-mail
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Using optical camouflage technology, researchers at Keio University showed off a ‘see-through Toyota Prius’ that renders the back seat invisible. This would allow the driver to see exactly what is behind the vehicle, rather than relying on the rear view camera that doesn’t really offer a full field-of-view. The technology basically captures footage from behind the object and projects the background onto the seat. It’s quite similar to the technology Mercedes-Benz used on its invisible F-Cell. Earlier this year, Mercedez Benz had figured out how to make an entire car disappear using the same technology.

Invisible Toyota Prius

AeroMobil - The Flying Car E-mail
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We may not have any hovercars yet, but flying cars may not be something you only see in spy movies anymore. A company in Slovakia has unveiled their newest prototype of flying car and it no longer seem science fiction. Meet the AeroMobil 3.0, the transforming car/airplane hybrid of your dreams!

AeroMobil - The Flying Car

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