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£4 Million Golden Lamborghini E-mail
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When it comes to supercars this golden Lamborghini Aventador might just take the top spot for its absolute no expense spared extravagance. Some might see it as a little over the top, others probably love it but one thing is for certain, no matter where it goes it gets a lot of attention.

£4 Million Golden Lamborghini

Supercar Mercedes SLS AMG Taken Out Of Ocean E-mail
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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in mention was en route from Germany to Argentina, where its buyer was patiently waiting for his delivery after spending a whopping $710,00 USD for the white sports car. While we donít have too much insight on what exactly caused the unfortunate event, we do know that three containers fell off from a cargo ship while over the waters of the Rio de la Plata near the port of Ensenada in Buenos Aires, and as you guessed it, one of them was carrying the SLS AMG.

Itís saddening to see that the vehicle fell to its demise so close to its final destination, but rescue crews were able to swiftly recover the vehicle from the bottom of the ocean just after five days. While they acted fast, the SLS AMG sustained a level of damage that was beyond repair. After spending five days in the sun to dry out, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGís engine turned on, alas the electrical components were fried beyond comprehension.

Supercar Mercedes SLS AMG Taken Out Of Ocean

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