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Microsoft Bus Service E-mail
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Microsoft Bus Service

Microsoft recently started bus service for employees at Bangalore. Employees can start work from the bus itself and their office hours counts from the time they start work in the bus. Same way total working hours of the day calculate based on at what time they stopped work in the bus. Traffic jam in Bangalore is quite normal and company do not want to waste the time of the employees in roads. The idea was proposed by an employee through their suggestion scheme and readily accepted by the Management.

Microsoft Bus Service

Microsoft Bus Service

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Posted by Anujit, on 20-05-2011 02:46, , Guest
:) There is no such Bus Service in Bangalore. Microsoft does exist only in Hyderabad, India. Also 3G service now exists in Bangalore.

Posted by Sharjil, on 30-04-2011 06:09, , Guest
Thank God I'm not working with Microsoft... 

Posted by Ian Montgomery, on 04-02-2010 20:13, , Guest
Foton is a Beijing company with a Thailand branch. That is Chinese writing on the bus.

Posted by GG, on 15-11-2008 06:39, , Guest
If its a real bus service in bangalore. Why is there a FOTON bus (thailand bus company) and asian employees in the bus rather than indian employees. 
Also, the wordings on the outside of the bus seem to be some asian scripts rather than an indian language. 
I believe the article but the photos are deceiving.

Posted by Sara, on 24-10-2008 02:25, , Guest
I'm not buying that...!! 
And What I would like to know there any network connectivity within the bus? 
Say if there is....what's the carrier? GSM (EDGE)??....such low data rates won't be enough !! 
Because such sort of connectivity might need 3G netwroks....I'm not certain that there's 3G network in Banglore. 
And if there's no does every one carry his/her work to their offices which they did in the bus. And if they are allowed to use "data travellers" then they gotta watch out for viruses in such a bus...before connecting their data travellers

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