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Amazing Strength of Nature

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Posted by Cat Weaver, on 08-03-2011 23:19, , Guest
If the pictures are photoshopped, Your Anonymous, then it takes the enjoyment out of them and makes them just silly. These are presented as AMAZING STRENGTH OF NATURE doucments, but are, instead, just trick photos that someone fell for because they are gullible.

Posted by anonymous, on 15-02-2011 18:19, , Guest
Dear Dre,  
you do realize that you're one in millions of people just like you, who feel the need to point out that every picture you see is photoshopped, correct? And that you could just sit back and actually enjoy the pictures? Cool. Just thought I'd establish that.  
-Your anonymous

Posted by Nathanicus, on 13-02-2011 12:07, , Guest
Isn't the human race one of God's creations? :?

Posted by sam, on 10-02-2011 12:57, , Guest
don't piss nature off, it will eat you. :p

Posted by Dre, on 10-02-2011 09:28, , Guest
Um...most if not all of these images are photoshop. not only can you see it in some of them, but think about it logically...if you take the oldest possible age of some of these objects you'll find that it is inherently impossible for a tree of such age to have "grown" out of them as it is older than the object itself...

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