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Amazing Sight in the South Pacific

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Posted by manny, on 01-09-2011 09:11, , Guest
umm his post didn't have a pun in it whatsoever. It is obviously fake, and they aren't all that amazing. It's easy to photoshop something when the pictures are such low quality in the first place

Posted by Bassman, on 31-08-2011 21:05, , Guest
It wouldn't cause a noticeable wave in deep water - the swell would have room to spread out, just as a tsunami is barely a ripple until it reaches shallow water, then it suddenly rises up as if out of nowhere. And I don't believe a volcanic eruption would have nearly the catastrophic impact as a large earthquake, it just doesn't effect enough area to displace that kind of water.

Posted by vfe, on 30-08-2011 01:55, , Guest
nice photos. But mountains are not created in seconds. Come on, dumb dumb.

Posted by rw, on 25-08-2011 07:36, , Guest
how did this not cause a huge movement of the sea and tidal wave?????????? doesn't make sense!!

Posted by bob bond, on 24-08-2011 17:03, , Guest
Photos great!

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