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Amazing Sight in the South Pacific

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Posted by lightenupagreement, on 02-08-2011 14:26, , Guest
seriously, don't be such a smart- they are amazing pictures.

Posted by damo, on 28-07-2011 15:45, , Guest
sandy your a little jealous, In fairness the man was the first to see this island being formed, and documented it, he could even name it, Brilliant photos

Posted by fish, on 09-07-2011 01:11, , Guest
Why attack the person? Is it not the subject that you disagree with?

Posted by therese, on 06-07-2011 15:49, , Guest
Incredible that you were able to witness this event first-hand.....Enjoy the memories, regardless of the critics of your geo-technical terminology..

Posted by Maddy, on 05-07-2011 19:10, , Guest
Sandy and Brittany need to take it down a notch and allow that even though the science of this phenomena was incorrectly stated, the wonder of the event was not. 
Well done for capturing this on film!

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