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Amazing Sight in the South Pacific

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Posted by Casssssssssssssssssssity, on 26-04-2011 21:57, , Guest
So, Cass... Ever think that volcano was slightly underneath the water before the eruption, and the latest eruption brought it above the water? Yes, it takes long periods of time to make islands, but HEAVEN forbid that this island just peaked above the water. And there is no need to get angry when other people are willing to consider other options without deriding others as "douches." I think it is a wonderful discovery, and I could only wish to have experienced this.

Posted by sandy, on 19-04-2011 18:40, , Guest
Its a pumice raft, you are an idiot. Also, that mountain did not just pop up. 
your geology teacher

Posted by Brittany, on 17-04-2011 18:23, , Guest
@Cass-the mountains didn't just "pop" out of the sea, when lava reaches water it cools and forms land, note the Hawaiian Islands. looks like you there should go back to school.

Posted by shasha, on 10-04-2011 21:18, , Guest
:eek its unbelievable...better to have further research for this....

Posted by LightenUp, on 08-04-2011 10:59, , Guest
Wow, no wonder the human species is where it is, can't you just enjoy the photos/stories without badmouthing, or spewing some negativity about it. Jeez, lighten up!

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