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Incredible Residence in Switzerland

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Posted by skywalker, on 14-02-2011 22:15, , Guest
nah Nat, 
i bet with all the planning that went into this they forgot drainage. Ever Thought about maybe they could catch and use the rain water.

Posted by emma, on 15-01-2011 22:34, , Guest
actually in response to the last post, earth-sheltered homes are one of the safest types of homes to be in during an earthquake, because it moves with the earth instead of resisting, and falling down. my family is preparing to build one soon, as they are incredibly eco-friendly

Posted by Parker, on 10-01-2011 14:52, , Guest
I hope they have a HUGE drain on their front porch, because they'll be swimming every time it rains even a little. Especially at the bottom of a hill.

Posted by Elessar2931, on 09-01-2011 11:34, , Guest
I do't think that Aragorn would ever stoop to being jealous. He's too level-headed for that. Also, he knows he is the luckiest man in the world with Arwen on his arm :D 
But seriously, this house is amazing.

Posted by Nat Smith, on 09-01-2011 10:17, , Guest
Agreed. I loved the house until I saw the last picture. I assumed that it had an amazing view, but it looks as if they are looking directly at a couple of trees and the back of someone else's house.

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