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Posted by Kaiter, on 08-05-2011 20:58, , Guest
The salt thing is a myth. It would take an insane amount of salt to make even a small amount of water boil one second faster, we calculated this in my chem class. Salt lowers the boil temperature of water when mixed, causing the water to boil sooner, but the ratio is more like cups of salt to pints of water. Salt adds flavor to your water and gives you something to do while you wait for it to boil, but does not, in fact, make your water boil faster.

Posted by abbi, on 07-05-2011 21:31, , Guest
adding salt to the water when you boil eggs makes them peel A LOT easier

Posted by dj28763, on 07-05-2011 21:07, , Guest
Actually, adding salt to water causes it to boil at a higher temperature. A pure substance will have a lower melting point and a higher boiling point than a substance that has something dissolved in it. That's why salt causes ice on the roads to melt; it lowers the freezing point of water so it is unable to freeze.

Posted by Guest, on 07-05-2011 08:51, , Guest
Adding salt increases the boiling point of water more drastically than it lowers the melting point of water. Although it takes longer for the salted water to actually reach its boiling point, it boils at a higher temperature. This will alternately allow food to cook more quickly; however, adding salt will also the lower melting point. So looks like you have your basic chemistry backwards Jessica :grin  
You would need to add a significant amount of salt to see a noticeable change in cooking or freezing times.

Posted by hockeygurl1747, on 07-05-2011 02:48, , Guest
Hairspray works for ink in clothes too.

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