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Posted by Lexy, on 01-03-2011 07:45, , Guest
@ Meg: 
Umm... not really. I've tried all of these and they work ;)

Posted by lindsey, on 28-02-2011 18:22, , Guest
to cook bacon with out it curling it under (single slice) cold water...pretty cold water then fry.

Posted by Meg, on 28-02-2011 15:20, , Guest
Most of these things are old wives' tales. Adding salt to water actually increases its boiling point, so it will take LONGER to boil eggs (or anything) in salted water. Onions make you cry because of sulfurous compounds in the root tip; to avoid tears, don't cut all the way to the root. Also, lemons can be microwaved for a few seconds to better release the juices.

Posted by sarah, on 27-02-2011 18:50, , Guest
Rinsing onions under water after taking off the skin and before chopping, works much better for eliminating tears than chewing gum.

Posted by Lorri, on 27-02-2011 03:12, , Guest
I don't understand the quick way to boil potatoes. When you boil them, only one side is peeled?

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