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Interesting Facts About Human Body (Must Read)

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Posted by Dr. R. Krishna, on 15-10-2014 18:22, , Guest
I am highly thankful for the interesting information, most of which, I did not know. It is an eye opener. Thank you......whoever has provided. It is witty / humourous too, that makes it all the while more tempting to read further. Great. Keep it up. Can we have some more please ....?

Posted by ad, on 21-01-2014 05:03, , Guest
so initially all are born as female !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by aditya, on 29-10-2013 12:49, , Guest
our fore arm length is as equal as our feet.

Posted by Alfazeena, on 03-10-2013 10:42, , Guest
Very beautiful and interesting facts. Have a glance at this blog Interesting Facts and say your opinion.

Posted by AAkash, on 26-05-2013 04:45, , Guest
thank u :grin

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