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Interesting Facts about Human Body (Must Read)

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Posted by jay, on 13-09-2011 04:48, , Guest
actually, some aren't true, so i guess the others may be false. my thumb is a quarter of an inch longer than my nose, or if you include the whole nasal cavity, both my thumbs could fit in line(i have a normal nose). a woman's bladder is much smaller than a male bladder. the heat of your body never reaches the boiling point, yet the energy consumed from your body could boil metal. etc, etc, etc.

Posted by nikki, on 12-09-2011 23:00, , Guest
amzing facts :) 
keep going...!!!

Posted by amin, on 07-09-2011 21:35, , Guest
i think ther is some think in this decumint its'nt trou

Posted by amrik Singh, on 31-08-2011 07:02, , Guest
awesome facts i realleeeeeeeeeeeee liked it very much . i think fun zug is important source of knowledge.

Posted by richa raut, on 30-08-2011 08:39, , Guest
coooooooooooooooooooool,,,oooo ooooooooosam :grin :) :? :x :zzz

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