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Presidents in Their Young Age

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Posted by jlevysan, on 13-04-2010 18:45, , Guest
wow. what was with parents dressing their boys like g!rls back in the day?

Posted by Rebecca, on 13-04-2010 12:44, , Guest
Holy crap is that John F. Kennedy one a fake, cuz whoa he didn't change a bit! And why the hell does Franklin D. Roosevelt look like g!rl?

Posted by su su mctavish, on 13-04-2010 04:13, , Guest
I doubt the last picture is Lincoln. There are only so many Lincoln pictures and I have never seen that one. most were posed taken by professional photographers in a studio. this looks like a snapshot which didnt exist.

Posted by wtf, on 13-04-2010 01:35, , Guest
uhhhhh frank r. looks like a g!rl :x

Posted by Lulu, on 12-04-2010 23:47, , Guest
:zzz That picture of Obama made my heart swell. Such a happy moment captured there!

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