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Presidents in Their Young Age

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Posted by Jim, on 14-04-2010 07:07, , Guest
Nice collection.  
Roosevelt is dressed in the style dictated by Victorian standards. Boys wore dresses up until about the age of 5, when the dress turns into the kickerbocker suit. The look of the pants changes (as does the shirt) up until about the age of 10, when the breeching process is usually complete. 
"BigDaddy" seems to have some personal insecurity issues, so he'd be in a position to accurately comment on these these I guess. Tea-bagger.

Posted by Crystal Standish, on 13-04-2010 20:38, , Guest
Awesome Jen, 
They haven't changed....much.  
nixon scared me

Posted by katasaurusrex, on 13-04-2010 19:48, , Guest
Roosevelt looks like a g!rl..? :?

Posted by jlevysan, on 13-04-2010 18:45, , Guest
wow. what was with parents dressing their boys like g!rls back in the day?

Posted by Rebecca, on 13-04-2010 12:44, , Guest
Holy crap is that John F. Kennedy one a fake, cuz whoa he didn't change a bit! And why the hell does Franklin D. Roosevelt look like g!rl?

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