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Drink Your Morning Coffee From A Zombie Head E-mail
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Zombies want to eat your brains, but the only way to kill a zombie is by removing its brains; meanwhile, you just want to have a cup of coffee in the morning. Now, thanks to Kevin “Turkey” Merck, you can avoid zombie attacks and have your morning brew, all for the low price of 220 USD. Merck’s terrifying mugs are hand-made from clay and epoxy resin, so you can be sure your zombie skull has no unpleasant flavor.

“My best friend’s dad, Wayne Hewell, is a 5th generation Master Potter and I began studying under him starting in 2001,” Merck recounted to the Examiner. “When I say studying, I mean that I went and hung out in his old shop and he taught me how to turn and work with clay, nothing formal. The area where I grew up is covered up in very skilled craftsmen that work with clay and I was fortunate enough to learn from multiple potters, each one offering help in specific areas such as glazing and firing. As far as doing it for a living, I am a high school teacher and, right now, I only work on my sculptures in the evenings and Saturdays.”

More info: | facebook | instagram | twitter

Drink Your Morning Coffee From A Zombie Head

The Story Behind Frozen Jeans E-mail
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Winters are really cold in Minneapolis, Minnesota, so to brighten up the mood, Tom Grotting started erecting frozen jeans in his neighborhood. The locals quickly caught on and followed the new trend.

Grotting has been amusing his neighbors since 2013. How do the pants stay up? He soaks them in water and then sculpts them outside as they freeze.

“I mostly do it for my neighbor, Diane,” Grotting told ABC News. “The winter gets a little long and she doesn’t like winter very much so it’s mostly entertainment for Diane.”

More info: Instagram | Facebook

Tom Grotting started erecting frozen jeans in his neighborhood

The Story Behind Frozen Jeans

Image credits: Tom Grotting

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 February 2016 )
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