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Crazy Photo Ops With Impeccable Timing E-mail
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Crazy Photo Ops With Impeccable Timing

A camera's shutter snap (or whatever the digital equivalent is) can capture a tiny moment of time for all eternity. Motion becomes still, and the fleeting passage of time gets stopped, at least in a way. And sometimes, everything lines up so that the frozen moments turn into something truly amazing. Or bizarre. Or hilarious. However they turn out, these one-in-a-million shots are noteworthy because of how striking they are.

Patient Pet Owner Walks His Giant Tortoise E-mail
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Patient Pet Owner Walks His Giant Tortoise

Residents in Tokyo have recently reported several sightings of possibly the most patient pet-walker in the world: an elderly man who takes his enormous African spurred tortoise (or sulcata) out for walks around the town.

Judging by the tortoise’s size, the mysterious pair has probably been together for a very long time, and the tortoise always plods faithfully by its owner’s side. It even tolerates the occasional silly costume!

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