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How Your Computer Would Act If It Were A Person E-mail
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Witchoria is a graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY who publishes her creative work via her tumblr blog. One of her most popular series is the Human Error series.

This is exactly how you could imagine your computer acting if it were a real person, and after seeing these you will be grateful it isn’t. It would be SO confusing. So emotional jeez…

A change of heart.

How Your Computer Would Act If It Were A Person

The Most Inappropriate Selfies Ever E-mail
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The Most Inappropriate Selfies Ever

We’re suckers for selfies here at BlazePress, not long ago we showed you the 26 Amazing Examples Of Selfies Taken To Another Level, well that was a post exhibiting some of the great selfies that have been taken thus far, here on the other hand, we have some of the most inappropriate selfies that we’ve ever had the mis-fortune to lay our eyes on.

What were these people thinking?!

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