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Coolest Flip-Up T-Shirts You Can Actually Buy E-mail
(3 votes)
They look like ordinary and rather plain T-shirts. However, flip over the front and pull them over your head and... instantly become a zombie, a T-Rex or a Ninja. Presented by CrazyDog's Cool T-Shirts.

1. T-Rex Flip-up T-Shirt

Coolest Flip-Up T-Shirts You Can Actually Buy

World's Most Dangerous Drinks E-mail
(5 votes)
We humans love to intoxicate ourselves from time to time, especially over the weekend, and then come out of it with a colossal hangover to nurse all through Monday. However, these few borderline illegal and downright absurd drinks exist only to melt your brain in all the wrong ways.

World's Most Dangerous Drinks

1. Absinthe: A drink made famous by pop-culture is known worldwide as being the brand ambassador of illegal drinks all around the world. Made out of wormwood and anise, it is considered to be a highly alcoholic beverage. Supposedly, it drove people crazy and caused epilepsy and tuberculosis, and hence was banned in the 19th century. Albeit, due to recent changes in the rules and regulations of food and beverages, there has been a revival of Absinthe culture and it is back in the market.

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