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Hilarious Look Alikes Compilation E-mail
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1. Kim Kardashian and a Killer Whale

Hilarious Look Alikes Compilation

Crazy Beards Of Bees Competition E-mail
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And you thought shaving stung! Man battle it out to see who can cultivate the biggest beard of BEES
  • In the 9th Annual Bee Beard Competition held in Ontario, Canada competitors covered their faces with bees to form a 'beard'
  • The person with the heaviest and more aesthetically pleasing bee beard is declared the winner
  • Competitors place a queen bee in a cage around their neck to attract the rest of the colony to land on their upper body
  • This year's winner was Canadian college student Justin Hiemstra

Facial hair can be itchy and uncomfortable, but nothing quite compares to the beards several brave souls donned at Clovermead Adventure Farm near Ontario, Canada.
At the annual Clovermead Bee Beard Competition contestants heads and upper torsos are covered by 'beards' made up of thousands of the buzzing insects.
Now in its 9th year, contestants cover themselves in bees and then strut their insect facial fashions on the catwalk for gathered crowds.

Crazy Beards Of Bees Competition

Patrick Boelsterli, a contestant in the annual Clovermead Adventure Farm's Bee Beard Competition shows off his beard made up of the stinging insects The buzzing beards typically weigh for pounds each and are made up of approximately 13,000- 16,000 bees, according to the St. Thomas Times Journal.

To entice the swarms of honey bees to land contestants wear a queen bee in cage from around their neck, the Journal reports.
Bee keepers then help to brush on and shape the growing mass of insects into a 'beard.'

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