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Fearless Cat Moving In London Supermarket E-mail
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If we understand one thing about cats it's that they do what they want, so the fact that this kitty has decided to make a supermarket in London his second home doesn't come as much of a surprise. The supermarket in question is Sainsbury's in Brockley and the cat has been identified as six-year-old Olly Oliver. Apparently Oliver has been removed form the premises by store security before but cats being the fearless creatures they are, he's now at it again.

Oliver has made quite a name for himself amongst the locals and can now be found walking the shelves of the supermarket looking at customers as they pass by, silently judging everything they put in their baskets. According to a store spokesperson Oliver lives in the house next door and although he's not supposed to be in the store he visits them everyday. Olly Oliver clearly doesn't answer to anyone.

Olly Oliver the cat has been creating quite the fuss recently thanks to his antics!

Fearless Cat Moving In London Supermarket

Amazing Results Of Throwing Away Hot Tea At The -40C Arctic Circle E-mail
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The science behind this amazing photo from Ontario-based photographer Michael Davies is already well known, but seeing it in action against a sunny backdrop is truly beautiful. Davies was in the fly-in community of Pangnirtung in Canada’s High Arctic with his friend Markus, just 20km from the Artic Circle. Armed with multiple flasks of hot water they both set off to capture the moment Markus throws hot water into the -40°C air. The water freezes almost instantly resulting in the spectacular plumes you see below.

Prepared with multiple thermoses filled with tea, we began tossing the water and shooting.

Amazing Results Of Throwing Away Hot Tea At The -40C Arctic Circle

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 December 2015 )
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