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Incredible Sculptures Carved From A Single Pencil E-mail
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Incredible Sculptures Carved From A Single Pencil

Equipped with a box of pencils and some carving tools, a Hungarian artist known simply as cerkahegyzo manages to produce incredibly detailed miniature sculptures. Each creation is constructed entirely out of its respective pencil, utilizing the wood and lead as its base and body. Cerkahegyzo uses the fine blades of razors and needles as well as the buffing capabilities of sandpaper, files, and polishing stones to whittle and shape his intricate pencil creations. The Budapest-based sculptor effectively constructs patterns and designs that creatively make the eyes wander back and forth and, at times, seem almost impossible. Like Dalton Ghetti, cerkahegyzo is a meticulous master of pencil sculpting. The artist even pays homage to Ghetti by replicating his sculptures of a heart, screw, and linked chains. Additionally, cerkahegyzo adds a playful touch, using tiny props to enliven images of his carvings. A needle and spool made out of the dark core of a pencil is cleverly adorned with bright, orange thread and a seemingly slithering snake is given some ambience with an accompanying sprout.

Glittering Mosaic Of The World Map E-mail
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Glittering Mosaic Of The World Map

English artist Chris Chamberlain has completed his ambition to build a large scale mosaic of the world using hundreds of thousands of tiny, twinkling pieces of glass. He used 300,000 hand-cut squared shape stained glass; 1,238 jewels totalling 260 carats; over 6,900 internal LED lights; and 80,000 pieces of glass.

The project, titled Jewel of the Universe, took Chamberlain 3,500 hours to complete over the course of 27 months. Constructing the piece out of 12 varieties of gems—amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, diamond, emerald, iolite, peridot, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, topaz and zircon.

The map is even color coded and has a legend. Rubies and emeralds mark spiritual points like Mecca and Jerusalem while turquoise-colored stones signify the winding paths of great rivers and lakes like the Nile, Mississippi, and Ganges. Also, zircon was used to mark the top cities in the world, including New York, Tokyo, London, and Dubai. As intricate, labor-intensive, and time-consuming as this project has been,

"The artist says that this is only “the first in a series of works that focuses on the vibrancy, uniqueness and beauty of Earth."

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