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Making A Jewel Box Out Of Garbage Bags E-mail
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Making A Jewel Box Out Of Garbage Bags

If you mant to make something with your own hand, but know what you can do... Check this post out, you way like this idea... Making a box out of garbage bags.

Making Artistic Products With Paper E-mail
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Making Artistic Products With Paper

Jennifer Collier practice focuses on creating work from paper; by bonding, waxing, trapping and stitching she produces unusual paper ‘fabrics’, which are used to explore the ‘remaking’ of household objects. The papers are treated as if cloth, with the main technique employed being stitch; a contemporary twist on traditional textiles. The papers themselves serve as both the inspiration and the media for her work, with the narrative of the books and papers suggesting the forms. She tends to find items then investigate a way in which they can be reused and transformed; giving new life to things that would otherwise go unloved or be thrown away.

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