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Complex Mesmerising GIFs By Dave Whyte E-mail
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Complex Mesmerising GIFs By Dave Whyte

We have featured gifs similar to this before however Dave Whyte’s creations continue to stand out from the crowd as some of the most impressive mathematically inspired gifs on the internet. Whyte is currently a PhD student in Dublin studying the physics of foam. He continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with these short animations which he creates using the Processing programming language.

You can check out plenty more gifs by Whyte on his Tumblr, Bees & Bombs, which is updated daily.

Clever Anti-Littering Ads Mock Those Who Litter E-mail
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Clever Anti-Littering Ads Mock Those Who Litter

A series of anti-littering adverts have been appearing around Toronto that shame and mock those who litter without any consideration for the environment or other people. The adverts are by the City of Toronto’s Livegreen organization. Rubbish that has been dropped on the ground is arranged to spell out words that are aimed at those who litter with the caption “Littering says a lot about you”.

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