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Funnily Ridiculous Dogs E-mail
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Funnily Ridiculous Dogs

Sometimes the funniest member of the family isn't aunt Shelly when she drinks a little too much wine, little Bobby when he can't say his "r's," or Dad and his puns. The family clown is often the family pet - whether or not that's what the furry guys intend, we won't ever really know. What we do know is that their shenanigans often have us keeled over with laughter. Here are some of those side-splitting moments.

Get Your Giggles Going And Laugh Out Loud E-mail
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My doctor says laughter is the best medicine, but I’m starting to think he’s not a real doctor… If you still want to take his advice, have a look at these 16 hilarious pictures! They have been making me laugh for the last 30 minutes!

The horror!

Get Your Giggles Going And Laugh Out Loud

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