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A Single Light In The Darkness E-mail
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Single light in the darkness: Eerie photos capture spooky landscapes with just one lamp piercing the gloom
  • French photographer Julien Mauve travelled the world to capture this eerie set of photos dubbed After Lights Out
  • All the photos are entirely devoid of light, but for a single source shining from behind a window
  • The entire set was shot on a Canon 5D digital SLR although many have been computer edited for the desired effect
What if darkness overtook our world and just a single source of light remained to pierce the gloom?

That's the question photographer Julien Mauve asked himself when he came up with the concept for this series of dramatic pictures, entitled After Lights Out.

The French photographer travelled the world to capture these eerie images, which are completely devoid of all artificial light but from a single source hidden behind a window.

A Single Light In The Darkness

Haunting: This eerie image, which could be of a haunted house, is part of a set entitled After Lights Out by French photographer Julien Mauve
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