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What Do You Think About Yourself E-mail
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They Are Not Aware About The Advanced World.

Sitting On The Grass Mat, Living An isolated Life….

What Do You Think About Yourself

Last Updated ( Friday, 22 February 2013 )
Unique Valentines Day Traditions E-mail
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1. Slovenia- where it is the day to resume work in the fields

Unique Valentines Day Traditions

St. Valentine is one of the saints of spring in Slovenia, and it is said that plants and flowers start to grow on this day. Often, it is the first day of the year when work starts on vineyards and in the fields. According to tradition, St Valentine comes on February 14th to bring keys to all the roots, meaning that nature begins to awaken. It is also a strongly held tradition that the birds of the fields propose to their loved ones on this day and marry. The annual day of love celebrated in Slovenia actually falls on March 12, Saint Gregory's Day.

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