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E - The Most Eminent Alphabet Of English E-mail
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'E' ... is the most eminent letter of the alphabet.

Men or Women don't exist without 'E'.

House or Home can't be made without 'E'.

Bread or Butter can't be found without 'E'.

'E' is the beginning of Existence and the end of Trouble.

It's not at all in War but twice in Peace.

It's once in Hell but twice in Heaven'.

'E' represents Emotions.. hence all emotional relations like

Last Updated ( Friday, 21 February 2014 )
15 Annoying Indian Guests You Don't Want To Invite To Your Wedding E-mail
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The big, fat Indian wedding is incomplete without that sloshed baaraati grooving to Honey Singh's latest number or the sentimental non-family member who is seen sobbing during the vidaai or even the crib-pot who can't stop complaining about how 'downmarket' the wedding arrangement is.
While these kinds of guests do give us plenty of fodder for gossip later, they can be very annoying too.
Will our Indian weddings be as much fun without them? Probably not...but that shouldn't stop one from poking fun at them, right? If you've been to an Indian wedding,
you'll know exactly how annoying the 15 types of guests listed below can be. And, for those who haven't been to a single desi wedding ever, don't worry...
these annoying guests aren't going anywhere, anytime soon.

15 Annoying Indian Guests You Don't Want To Invite To Your Wedding

The drunkard: We agree that free-flowing booze is all you need on a cold winter day or night to lift your otherwise gloomy spirits. Is someone else's wedding the perfect scenario for it? No. But, you can always spot that typical drunkard gulping down more than he/she can stomach during an Indian wedding ceremony. Guys, the ladkiwalas and ladkawalas are there to enjoy the big day, not to worry about whether their sloshed guests return home safely or not.

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