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Wackiest Feminine Fashion Accessories For Men E-mail
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1. Men's Heels

Wackiest Feminine Fashion Accessories For Men

The other day, the NY Times ran a piece on fashion at some of the hippest, exclusive parties in town and noted that countless men attending them were wearing high heels. Mind you, we're not talking Simon Cowell-high type of shoes, but heels that would probably make even a woman feel dizzy.

Some of them are lucky enough to fit into designer sample/women's sizes, but others have to look everywhere to find a manufacturer willing to customize their offering to fit them. All of them, though, insist that wearing high heels doesn't mean they're going out in drag. As they see it, men have far too few options when it comes to fashion, whereas the ladies have more than one could count.

Some men are even willing to pay upwards of $2,000 (Euro 1,447) for a pair of their favorite designer shoes and it's all in the name of diversifying their wardrobe.

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