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The Military Training In China E-mail
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The Military Training In China

Military training is compulsory for freshmen in China and generally takes place at the beginning of college. Even though the soldier-like lifestyle often provides these young people with lemons, they usually go on to successfully make lemonade. Well done!

6 Reasons Why Bollywood Doesn't Need Sci-Fi Films At All E-mail
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6 Reasons Why Bollywood Doesn't Need Sci-Fi Films At All

If there is any one genre that has been royally ignored by Bollywood, it has to be science-fiction, or so the pseudo-Hollywood geeks claim. However, little would they know that we don't need sci-fi because we have our own brand of films which would put any Hollywood sci-fi film to shame. How you ask? Well for starters, most of our films are set in the realm of imagination. Time travel is no big deal in B-town; they do it all the time. Characters that morph into completely different beings in a matter of minutes? Been doing it for a while now. And if you are missing the aliens dressed up in spacesuits, please refer to the films filed under the '80s to find such blingy specimen of actors, you'd need sunglasses to look at them. Here's listing the reasons why we will never really miss sci-fi in Bollywood.

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