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Addictive Video Games Everyone Played As A Child E-mail
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Video games have evolved leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, haven't they? There I was, spending hours playing Contra and NFS, and here I am, 10 years and 4 generations of consoles later, playing FIFA 15 and kicking ass at it. But no matter how much the gaming experience evolves, we'll never be able to get over/forget the real classics of gaming. Those were the days and those were the games. This is a trip down the memory lane.

1. Street Fighter 2

Addictive Video Games Everyone Played As A Child

A 5-Year-Old Was Invoiced For Missing A Party E-mail
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Late last year, 5-year-old Alex Nash confirmed he would attend a classmate's birthday party at Plymouth Ski Slope. However, at the last moment, Alex's parents realized that their son was double booked and had to spend time with his grandparents that day. In the end, Alex did not attend the party.

For the next couple of weeks, Alex's parents tried to get in contact with the classmate's family and apologize for not coming to the party. However, they didn't have any luck getting in touch with them...until something weird happened.

Earlier this week, Alex's father Derek received this: an invoice for a 15.95 (close to $24 USD) "no-show fee" from the classmate's family. The invoice was given to Alex to deliver to his family from the classmate's mother.

A 5-Year-Old Was Invoiced For Missing A Party

Derek was not happy about the charge. The classmate's family claimed Alex could have let them know he was not attending. By not attending, they say, Alex cost them money. Now the Nash family is responsible for paying it back.

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