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Epic Places Where You Want To Sleep E-mail
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There’s two things that are going to happen after you’ve been through this post, you’re going to want one hell of a nap and you’re going to be inspired, some of the creativity here is unbelievable.

Who makes a hanging bed in the middle of a forest?!

Be Careful While Using These Milk Products E-mail
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In olden days, calling someone a donkey was taken as quite insulting, but it seems that things have changed. Despite that the whole world is being driven backward, and many human values are shrinking, donkeys have succeeded in raising their assets... They prove to be quite important, and well needed. So, from now on, they will be treated with respect!!! Will they?

We have already experienced mad cow disease, I wonder how mad donkey disease would look like

Donkeys' Milk for Slimming & Beauty ...

The latest craze in fitness and cosmetics

Be Careful While Using These Milk Products

No this is not a joke , it is a growing trend in Europe. Many donkey farms are established, in Belgium, Greece, Italy, France,Turkey, etc. Asses' milk is used for dairy, cheese, soaps and cosmetics, even in liqueurs. The average price of one liter of donkeys' milk is $19. In Italy donkeys are milked or raised for meat . Some red Italian salami have young donkey meat.

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