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Benefits Of Eating Raw Onions E-mail
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Benefits Of Eating Raw Onions

Well, it is surprising to know that these vegetables that we use to add flavour and aroma to the dish have many health benefits. If eaten raw, onion and garlic can be really good for the body. Raw onions have sulphur compounds and essential vitamins that can be best consumed raw. If cooked, the essential nutrients and vitamins get lost. So, if you love onion salad, here are few good reasons to have it regularly.

The Nutritional Remedies Of Different Nations E-mail
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Each country has its own wisdom, collected through centuries. It can be wisdome regarding literature, the ways of human interaction, or about how to make the best pasta. It can also be about medicine. Each nation, each people, have their own remedies in which they put stock, and today, we bring you that wisdom, backed by cold, hard scientific facts!

Sri Lanka: Coconut to battle fat

The Nutritional Remedies Of Different Nations

A resident of Sri Lanka eats, on average, about 116 coconuts a year, and the people living in this tropical paradise have the lowest risk of obesity in the world.

The reson? Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids of medium length that absorb swiftly in the body, accelarate the rate of metabolism and calorie burn in the body, and give a lasting sense of being full. A study conducted on the topic found that consuming about 2 spoons of coconut oil a day, 170 gram or 300ml, can help the person lose about 1.3 kg a month.

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