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The Smart Weight-Loss Tips No One Ever Told You E-mail
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Simple Weight Loss Tips Youíve Never Heard Before

Healthy habits are hard to maintain in today's busy, fast-paced world of easy fixes, where losing weight is harder than ever. But not all healthy habits are grand and life changing - you'll be surprised to hear what a huge impact small changes in your lifestyle can have on your weight. I'm sure you've never heard at least half of these tips, but each and every one of them will have a small and meaningful effect on your weight loss.

Start Eating Blue!

The Smart Weight-Loss Tips No One Ever Told You

Symptoms That Cant Be Ignored E-mail
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Feeling aches and pains is part of being human. Everyone gets them from time to time. A lot of the time, they aren't serious and you can get away with taking a pill or having a rest. However, sometimes you need to listen to your body because the pain is telling you that something is wrong. More severe symptoms indicate a more serious problem. Here are 6 pains or symptoms you should never ignore.

1. Weakness in your arms and legs

If you are feeling weak or numb in your arms, legs or even face, this can be a sign of a stroke. A telling sign is if itís on one side of your body. Other indicators of a stroke are dizziness, unbalance and having trouble walking.
Get help as soon as possible if you suddenly canít see clearly, have a strong headache, feel confused or have trouble speaking. Call an ambulance. If youíre able to receive a clot-busting drug within 4.5 hours of your first symptom, the risk for long-term disability is considerably lower. A stroke that is caught early is often reversible.

2. Chest pain

Symptoms That Cant Be Ignored

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