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The 10 Most Damaging Jobs For Your Health E-mail
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Naturally some jobs have more risks than others, but the jobs on this top 10 list will probably leave you surprised. Using data from the Occupational Information Network database, Business Insider put together a list of the most damaging jobs to your health, factoring in six health risks including exposure to radiation, risk of minor burns, cuts, bites, exposure to hazardous conditions and finally sitting. Sitting was included due to the number of studies that point towards inactivity causing health problems and shortening a person lifespan.

10. Surgical and medical assistants

The 10 Most Damaging Jobs For Your Health

How You Should Plan Your Day According To The Human Body Clock E-mail
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Did you know that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our body has its own energy clock? Also known as the Chinese Body Clock, it explains some of the most asked questions about our body. For instance, you may be curious to discover why your mood and energy levels fluctuate so much throughout the day? And why you sometimes tend to be less concentrated on your work than in other instances?

Without a doubt, our bodies do extraordinary things, but they are all built around cycles, controlled by the brain and defined by our sleeping and eating patterns. At different times of the day, the body has one organ which is at its energetic peak, and by knowing your energy clock well, you can help your body cope better.

The chart below illustrates the human energy body clock, showing the best times to eat, work, sleep and socialize. According to TCM, the body moves its energy concentration from one organ to another every 2 hours (as the chart indicates) with the organ opposite each time slot (12 hours ahead) being the one with the least energetic functioning during that time.

How You Should Plan Your Day According To The Human Body Clock

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