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8 Ineffective Ways To Avoid Germs E-mail
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When cold and flu season starts, people start acting irrationally out of fear of contracting a virus. People think of all kinds of ways to avoid pathogens. Catching a cold is unpleasant but it's no reason to start adopting behaviors that lack a genuine scientific basis.

1. Wearing Gloves

Many people who use public transport or shared bathrooms think that wearing gloves will protect your skin from direct contact with germs. Avoiding heavily used surfaces is a temporary solution. While most bacteria have a more favorable chances of surviving on human skin, a lot of bacteria fare equally well on metal, or fabric. This method also requires diligence as you have to be careful not to touch the area of the glove that came into contact with the bacteria and remove the gloves gingerly.

2. Surgical masks

This seems like an extreme step and is probably highly regarded due to medical professions use of them. Masks can reduce germs from being spread, but do practically nothing for intake of germs as they are not 100% airtight and do not seal out all germs. Surgical masks are effective in promoting public health if worn by those who are already ill as they kindly warn others to keep their distance.

8 Ineffective Ways To Avoid Germs

Eating Habits That Will Get You To Live 100 Years E-mail
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For over a decade, Dan Buettner, holder of three world records in endurance bicycling, has been conducting a research with the help of experts into “Blue Zones” – places in the world with the longest life expectancy, disability-free life expectancy, or a concentration of persons over 100. You will find Japan’s Okinawa district, Sardinia’s mountainous regions, Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, and more. During their research, Buettner and his team discovered that all of the inhabitants of these zones share similar dietary habit, which do not include counting calories or taking vitamins.

After analyzing over 150 dietary studies from the last ten years, Dan and his team found the most common dietary habits in people who live to be over 100. The following 14 tips came straight from the mouths of these centennials, so you may want to take heed.

Eating Habits That Will Get You To Live 100 Years

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