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Yoga For Arthritic Knee Pain E-mail
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Yoga For Arthritic Knee Pain

Arthritis technically means progressive worsening of the functioning of a joint. Commonly seen in people above the age of 50, many people encounter manifestations of arthritis in some form or the other (due degeneration or age related wear and tear). As a person ages, the cartilage present in between bones start to thin, and its load bearing capacity decreases. This causes the entire load of the body to get transferred onto the bone surface, just below the cartilage, leading to the formation of osteophytes (also known as bone spurs).

Simple Exercises To Prevent Osteoporosis E-mail
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Starting at age 30 and onwards, our bones become more porous and less dense, which makes them vulnerable to fracture, bad posture and even a shrinkage of our stature. That said, there are good ways of preventing loss of bone density through exercise. Below I will explain a bit about bone density, why we lose it with age and what exercises you can perform to maintain it.


Why does osteoporosis occur?

During our lifetime, the bones in our body are dismantled and rebuilt, but after age 30, the bone gets to a state where the deconstructed material is more prevalent than the built. This situation causes osteoporosis and damages the overall strength of our frame. The osteoporosis makes our bones vulnerable and causes possible fractures. The most common places for a fracture are in the wrist, the vertebra and the hips.

Simple Exercises To Prevent Osteoporosis

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