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The Health Benefits Of Ginger E-mail
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The Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger or Zingiber officinale is a famous medicine and has been used for medicinal purposes since a long time. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical practice consists hundreds of medicines made by ginger. The birth place of the ginger is also said to be India and the name ginger is derived from Tamil word inji ver.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 September 2012 )
The Benefits Of Waking Up Early E-mail
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The Benefits Of Waking Up Early

Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy as well as wise. And that is not merely an age-old saying. It works in daily life too. Read on to know how.

1. Time to Exercise
Waking up early gives you the time to exercise. You can easily go for a jog, do a few laps in the pool, practice yoga or hit the gym with plenty of time at hand.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 04 August 2012 )
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