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The Positive Side Of Bad Habits E-mail
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We all have at least one or two bad habits, but did you know that these habits arenít necessarily bad, and in fact can improve your life?

Nail Biting - although itís considered a bad habit by society, humans have been biting their nails since the dawn of time. Nail biting prevents your nails from getting too long and breaking or cutting you and it exposes you to tiny amounts of bacteria from residue under your nails. Research shows that exposure to small amounts of bacteria on a regular basis actually strengthens the immune system.

The Positive Side Of Bad Habits

10 Health Benefits Of Taking A Good Hot Bath E-mail
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You know, sometimes it's amazing how much benefit we can get from such little things. Taking a good soak in a hot bath is one of these things. Soaking in hot water is more powerful than one might think. In fact, there are quite a few definite health benefits to be gained.
of hot bath health benefits

1. Improving our blood circulation

10 Health Benefits Of Taking A Good Hot Bath

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